March 5, 2014

Capturing the Life

As the saying goes, life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. Photography comes here to help you look at your past life and remember how it was or even notice something you haven’t noticed because you were busy doing something else.

We think that we are never happy, but when we look at photographs taken when we were young, we realize that there was a time in our life when our spirits were full of joy. I am not talking about that advertising joy, captured by some New York commercial photographer for a fast food ad. It is the photograph where the real and involuntary smile brings up the wild happiness one can feel.

The realness of life is what makes photography a powerful art. It can show us the existence of something in the most genuine way. A picture with a little girl hugging a puppy or the very important image of two presidents shacking hands, it is all life. Every image is an immortalized moment that can mean a lot to someone. If there is no business and Photoshop involved in the creation of one picture, we can simply say that it has to be the truth that’s portrayed in it.

Photography has one huge mission in this world, to capture the life that is happening right now with all of us. And I have to say, this is a really hard job. In 20 years when you will get old and pretentious you’re going to want amazing pictures of the young you. So when your life is really good, take a photo of your happy face. If everything goes bad, you can also capture the worst moment, so you will forever know that you’ve been through some hard stuff and you know what life is.

Sometimes a photograph can give you more details and information than the happening and this is mind blowing. Just because the time is ticking, your mind cannot capture it all and insert it somewhere in your head, looking at a photograph can make you remember or experience a new feeling about what was really going on. Capturing the life is an amazing process and we should all give it up to the photographers and cameras that can make our best moments live forever. Photography is the one that creates the personal history of every single one of us.

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