March 10, 2014

Summer Fit Club - Week 6

I can't believe we've been doing this healthy new lifestyle for 6 weeks now!

I see results, especially on the scale, but I need to work out more in order to define muscles better.

This is what we are doing this week:

We're walking 40,000 steps! If you go out and walk a little each day, this is not an impossible goal.

We're still focusing on the 30 day challenge, and I have to come clean and say that I skipped a few days here and there, so I am basically going to restart once again... here is the schedule from last week:

In any case, always try to exercise one way or another every day.

Last thing is water. If you already drink enough water, good for you, but if you are anything like, me you can definitely benefit from more water. The goal is to drink at least 6 12oz cups per day. One fun way to keep track is to get a 12oz cup and wrap 6 rubber bands around it. Every time you drink a full cup of water take one rubber band out and refill the cup. Do this until you have taken out all the rubber bands. And it goes without saying, if you feel like drinking more than that, please don't stop at 6 cups.

Here is to another healthy and fit week!

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