April 16, 2014

My Favorite Drugstore Body Wash

I am a bit "compulsive" when it comes to picking and choosing new beauty products. I can't just walk in, buy a product, go home and be happy with it... I need to know that my choice is the best choice out there, or at least, the best choice for me. So how do I do that?

Slowly and painfully.

Slowly because it takes me a long time, since I will try so many products before I settle on one. And painfully because I will try a few "bad" products along the way and maybe hate their smell or their overall feeling on my skin... but it's all part of the process. The process that helps me find the best product out there.

Obviously, there are more products that I can buy and test out there without going crazy, so my technique involves different steps and a few heartless ones at the beginning of the process. Let me show you how I do it:

1) The first step consist of trying to exclude as many products as possible without having to buy them. I'll exclude them based on brand and smell. So goodbye Dial, Softsoap and Suave, because you are just too low on the scale of "fancy" soaps for me.

2) Then I'll try some new ones that I've never tried before. Unfortunately, for as much as I like the Nivea brand, I didn't care much for the body wash. And I discovered too late (after I bought it) that it's loaded with parabens.

3) Lastly, I'll go over some of the old favorites to see if I like them still.

Caress is very silky and smells nice, but maybe it's too rich for my taste (I like the soap to wash off and not leave a thick film on my skin)

St. Ives is a brand I like, but it has a few shortcomings,  for example this whipped silk body wash smells great, but it's too thick, and their coconut scent doesn't smell pure coconut and it's feels too "silicone-y" on the skin. There are still other scents I would like to try, but so far I haven't found a winner here.

But enough blabbering, here are the three best body washes you can find at the drugstore... drum roll please!

Number 3 is Dove. Dove has always been a winner, no matter which scent I try. I love the Cucumber for a Spring/Summer wash, cool and refreshing. In winter I usually pick a creamier one like their Deep Moisture. The consistency is creamy and moisturizing and it never leaves a film.

Number 2 is Olay. Their Ribbons 2 in 1 Essential Oils line is amazing, so moisturizing, and this scent below, the jojoba extract with the luscious orchid smells just divine!

And my winner is... Aveeno! Their Stress Relief Body Wash with Lavender is my favorite and it does just that to me: it takes my stress away. It's not too thick, it has a delicate scent and it leaves me clean and refreshed... it's just the perfect everyday body wash. 

I hope you've enjoyed this stroll down the aisle with me. Please feel free to leave your favorite drugstore body wash in the comments. Until next time...

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