About NY Spender

I was born and raised in Italy, which meant having style instilled in my head from the very beginning: you never left the house unless you were all perfectly dressed up. I had friends that ironed their jeans, others that polished their shoes at 16, and girlfriends that accessorized to the max.

Everything always matched, hair was never out of place.

Growing up in this environment will inevitably affect you, so these fashion rituals and rules have always been part of who I am.

At 20 years old I moved to New York, and began a new phase in my life, with fashion still being a big part of it: trying the new trends, going against them…

I’ve retained a lot of my “Italian” style, and on many, many, many occasions I’ve been asked for “fashion advice” and “shopping assistance”.

When blogging became popular I decided to give it a try, and back in 2006 I started writing about fashion as a way to share my ideas with a few friends.

Seven years later, I still enjoy doing it, and I will continue doing it until it feels right.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.