Kindle Fire Fancy Covers

Daisy writes:

I have been looking for a Kindle HD Fire case but can only find them in black and navy blue. Do they come in more colors and designs?

Dear Daisy,

of course they do! Here are some nice covers I was able to find for you with a little research.

 Etsy is a good place to start looking for something like this, and I really liked this cover:

I love the happy vibe I get from this Yellow Floral Birds cover and it’s only $32!
For something fancier, look into specialized companies that make stylish tech covers, like Anuschka:

How pretty is this Hibiscus Antique Cover? The price goes up to $121 but it’s sooo lovely!
And, of course, the usual suspects make covers, too, like Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs:

I love pink! And this “Robinson” case from Tory Burch is adorable! The price not so much: $165.

I also love this purple cover from Marc Jacobs “Dreamy Logo” collection. It also comes in pink and in orange, and the price is not too outrageous: $78.
What do you think, Daisy?

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