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HideMyAss! VPN Review

Can Vpn See My Passwords

Online security has actually become more crucial, now more than ever. A tool that enables you to discover your way around the web safely, access blocked websites, and view the current televisions shows in other countries, and a lot more things is a fantastic thing to have.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to mask your IP address and turn it into the address of a secure server. In this manner, you can browse the web anonymously without the risk of exposing your identity or location.

To put it simply, a VPN tricks your gadget into thinking it is in fact at a different geographical place: the location of the safe and secure server, the IP address of which you are utilizing.

HideMyAss! or HMA VPN from the creators of Avast Anti-virus is a quality VPN with one the largest networks in the VPN business.

HMA boasts fast server speeds up to 20 GBPS and works in 190+ countries, the highest variety of countries any VPN company works in.

Can Vpn See My Passwords

HMA has a long-established name in the VPN software industry and has actually been protecting its users for more than 15 years. Avast bought the VPN in 2016. The huge network of servers consists of more than 1000 servers in more than 290 distinct areas.

Although the amount of servers operated by HMA is quite less than NordVPN’s 5800+ servers and Express VPN’s 3000+ servers, HMA holds the best range of distinct server locations.

Functions of HideMyAss! VPN


Here’s a list of functions offered by HMA VPN:

1. Fast Connect


The lightning-fast connection allows you to hide your IP address practically quickly as you click the Connect button.

Lots of VPNs out there take a long period of time to develop a safe and secure connection in between you and the servers, however with using wise algorithms and quick servers speeds, HMA helps you connect quickly.

2. Stay Connected as you Switch Networks


Can Vpn See My Passwords

This truly handy and unusual feature keeps your IP concealed even as you disconnect from one network and connect to another.

This eliminates the threat of giving away your place, identity or your web activity while changing networks.

3. IP Shuffle


You can choose to alter your IP address arbitrarily in between intervals as brief as 10 minutes or one day. If you believe trackers are attempting to trace your activity, this function will keep them puzzled.

4. Kill Switch


Kill switch is another additional security feature that completely disconnects your system and all apps from the web in case the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

This will ensure that no info gets leaked even if the VPN is shut down.

5. Smart Kill Switch


This feature enables HMA VPN to automatically trigger and protect your connection before you open specific apps or websites.

For instance, if you have chosen the VPN to link when you open Netflix, HMA will develop a secured connection initially prior to the app can access the internet. Utilizing this feature, you can minimize the risk of errors.

6. No logging in


Can Vpn See My Passwords

Many VPNs need you to make your personal account utilizing your email address or contact number.

The practice of making a VPN personal account breaks the very function of a VPN, that is to hide identity.

This is why HMA is a No-Log VPN. You will not need to produce an account or log in; by doing this, no one will ever know about your activity on the web and your identity.

7. Speed Test


Frankly, the majority of VPN providers in the industry are frightened of this function, as they are not very pleased with the speeds offered by their servers.

It is a fact that your internet speed is considerably slowed down with a VPN connection, however that’s not the case with HideMyAss!

The Speed Test feature enables you to check the speed of the different servers in various locations and select the one that uses the highest speeds.

8. Connect approximately 5 devices


Can Vpn See My Passwords

With HMA, you can safeguard yourself and your activity on five devices at a time.




You can utilize HMA on 7 different types of gadgets.

We are not speaking about the different app variations for Andriod and iOS only, but there are unique, custom-made variations of the app for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Android TV and routers.

Although five of these various variations come as no surprise, the Android TV and router versions have propelled the uniqueness of HMA VPN.

HMA is one of the extremely few suppliers that can deal with Smart Televisions. You no longer require to adhere to your laptop computer to watch all those TV shows, you simply activate the VPN on the television, and you’re great to go.

Want to make sure all the gadgets in your home using the Wi-Fi are safeguarded? You can simply secure all of them at once by triggering HMA on your home Wi-Fi router.

This not only will save you time on downloading and installing HMA on all the gadgets, but it likewise secures the IoT smart devices that are incompatible with HMA.


HideMyAss! VPN Pricing


The official HMA website provides 3 plans: 1-year, 2-year and 3-year plans.

Although the site reveals more plans than many other competitors in the VPN industry, all the plans are longer than one year.

People who require a plan for much shorter durations can contact HMA on their website and request for a more concise individual plan.

However, a much shorter plan might also mean higher each month expenses, which brings the overall cost up.

There is a totally free 7-day trial, so you can make your choice after completely using the app.

The 1-year plan is $84 with $7 monthly and the 3-year program at $144 at $4 each month. If you purchase the monthly plan, you will get it at $12 per month. 

The Family plan is a year-long plan and will support as numerous as ten connections at the same time, supplying defense for all gadgets in the home. This plan is for $12.99 per month.

You can support more synchronised connections with the HMA Business plan. The prices for business plans are $13 a month for ten connections, $26 for 20 connections, and $39 for 30. You can get even more connections in your customized HMA offer.

If you buy and face an issue afterwards, rest assured since a 30-day money-back warranty protects you.

You can click here for more details about HMA VPN’s pricing.

Can Vpn See My Passwords



HMA takes the win when it concerns user experience. HideMyAss! VPN provides an extremely enjoyable and smooth user experience from the start to the end, all in a stylish, casual method.

There are no evident problems when we speak about installation and setup in almost all the supported device types. The GUI is spontaneous, with all the settings and choices being exactly where you desire them to be.

The only device type that you may deal with problem setting up the VPN in are routers. Not all Wi-Fi routers work with HMA; you can inspect whether your router is compatible or not and after that watch a basic tutorial on how to download and set up.

The Android app for HMA is particularly outstanding. It has a simple setup and a choice selection in between three styles: Instant, Freedom, and Location. You are simply a tap far from selecting automated, censorship-free, or manual connections, respectively.

Pros Vs. Cons – Customer Evaluations


Can Vpn See My Passwords


• Excellent for companies as multiple servers are offered. Up to 5 devices can be utilized with a single personal plan.

• Very quick and secure, cheaper than a lot of other competitors.

• Strong encryption system and no recording of your original IP address or identity.


• Personal privacy concerns. Clients grumble that you can’t get full privacy as information about your activity is still being collected as you surf.

• When trying to access the web in public places, for instance, a coffee shop, you are needed first to select the network settings and then consent to the terms and conditions to utilize the Wi-Fi.

The problem is that HMA finds the network and turns on instantly. So the connection fails since HMA triggers concerns in linking.

The solution to this is: When you access an unidentified network, switch off HMA initially, agree to the terms to use the network, and then turn HMA back on.

• The app is required by UK law to keep logs of users.

• There’s a 30-day retention time for information; this suggests that users’ data will be kept for a month. However, all data is erased after these thirty days to decrease security threat.

Can Vpn See My Passwords


Final Word


HMA VPN’s collection of users’ information and its 30-day retention might be a problem for the more privacy-conscious users, and the rates are a notch higher than a lot of us would fancy. That being said, the updated apps are pretty straight-forward to use, it can easily unblock entertainment sites, and is undoubtedly one of the most massive VPN networks today. HideMyAss! VPN might be worth your money if you value all of the features and security that it provides you.

Can Vpn See My Passwords


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