Cloud Backup Multiple Computers – Backblaze Review

Storing highly sensitive files locally on a hard disk is still (and maybe always will be) the work of a logical mind.

However this choice is not always the most convenient, which is why the majority of us choose cloud storage as an alternative.

It has its own wide variety of benefits: it makes sharing files much easier, it’s fairly budget-friendly, it’s common throughout many devices and operating systems, plus it’s simply truly good to have a backup when your hard drive dies. Therefore, if you have ever lost a file or had a laptop computer fall in the bath, Backblaze has you covered!

Backblaze offers various methods to get your files back, whether you lose a file or countless files.

Granted, it isn’t the most desirable solution for cloud storage (have a look at pCloud/ Dropbox/iCloud for that instead). Still, with over an Exabyte stored} (that’s a million terabytes by the way, or eight million Galaxy S20 phones) and over 50 billion files recovered so far, it really is the best option for straightforward and convenient backup of your computer files.

All that is really comforting when it comes to signing up for Backblaze, which provides a variety of paid-for packages for business and individual users– if you’ve got data that requires backing up, BB will do it for you.

It also has unrestricted storage to offer, so your cloud locker can keep expanding without letting up as the quantity of information you’ve got keeps mounting. Let’s take a look at what else it has to offer in this evaluation.


Here’s why Backblaze works adequately well for your backup needs:

Cloud Backup Multiple Computers


Ease of use


Backblaze’s strength lies in the unfussiness of its design.

After you have actually set up the program, it scans your disk drive for all files (except for operating system files, temporary files, and applications, which may trigger some difficulty when attempting to restore them) immediately . It provides you an overview of the files to backup.

When you click “Okay,” it goes on to back it all up for you automatically so you don’t have to do anything and let it work its magic.

Also, by connecting external disk drives or any USB, it can connect it immediately during the preliminary backup, or you can plug them in later and add them from the settings.


Best of all, the product monitors your computer system and updates the backup files anytime there are modifications, while at the same time preserving a very little presence on your computer system so it does not obstruct whatever else you are doing.

Inversely, if there are any files you prefer not to have actually backed up, you can define which folders to keep out from being fed into cloud storage. Otherwise, it will just make it easier for you by taking everything.

In short, if you ‘d rather not go through the hassle of needing to organize your files, Backblaze makes it extremely trouble-free for you.


Cloud Backup Multiple Computers


Unrestricted Online Backup


Backblaze instantly backups all your files, including films, music, photos, and documents.

Unrestricted files. Limitless file size. Unrestricted speed. We’re so down for it!


Backblaze Mobile App


You can view and share any files while on the move. On Android along with iPhone & iPad devices. Backblaze makes it easy for you to access all your backed up files.

On the mobile app you can easily share a picture on Facebook, listen to songs are read documents. You can easily open up your files in Backblaze for your consumption.

Data Recovery Through Mail


The point of backing up is to be able to have access to your files if your physical disk drive fails.

The most general method to bring back your backup through Backblaze is through zip file, and you can ask for 500GB at one time with 5 simultaneous requests. But obviously, this prolonged procedure depends upon your network.

Another alternative method is to utilize the mobile app to download and/or play the files you want to gain access to. You can share files also, however only if the device’s integrated sharing options permit it.

The fastest way for restoration is through Backblaze’s recovery via mail method . You can prepare a USB drive and get it delivered to you by FedEx anywhere in the world. You can get a mailed restore all set on the ‘View/Restores Files’ page after logging in the Backblaze website.

According to the size of the file restore, it may take many days to prepare and deliver the drive. You can likewise choose to have your disk drive encrypted during shipping for functions of additional security.

Restore, Return, Refund Program


You can send Backblaze the hard disk back within 30 days for a refund of your purchase. Just mail back your drive, and they’ll refund what you spent for the restoration. A well thought-out process indeed!


Cloud Backup Multiple Computers


Personal Privacy and Security


Backblaze takes security seriously. All information is kept in their safe datacenters with 24-hour personnel, redundant power and biometric security.

Personal Key


A personal encryption key can be used for additional security. If you forget your password, Backblaze will be unable to send it to you.



All your files are secured prior to being transferred over SSL and stored in an encrypted form.

Native Software Application


Backblaze’s code is native to PC and Mac and doesn’t utilize Java.

Two-Factor Authentication


Use two-factor authentication and have a code sent to your phone when signing in for extra security.

Considering that your account subscription is fixed to one computer system, the Backblaze website also has a Locate My Computer feature that lets you gain access to your computer’s physical area if your laptop computer is misplaced or perhaps stolen.

With all these features in place, you can rest assured that your data is really safe.

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Cloud Backup Multiple Computers


As simple as the product is, Backblaze’s pricing structure is really basic.

You can try Backblaze free of charge for fifteen days without providing any credit card info, however there’s no free tier (other than the unrestricted cloud storage feature).

Personal plans cost from $6 monthly, though you can sign up for a year for $60 (the equivalent of $5 a month) or 2 years for $110 ($4.58 a month).

Backblaze’s unrestricted storage is generous, particularly in comparison to SpiderOak ONE, which charges $69 annually for just 150GB of area.

However, with Backblaze, you’ll need to buy licenses for each computer you wish to safeguard.

So, if you require to back up different computer systems, the cost increases to $300 each year with the new pricing. Other services, consisting of SOS Online Backup and SpiderOak, enable you to add several computers and mobile phones to one account.

Click here to see how Backblaze compares for cloud backup.

You can change which device is connected with Backblaze by either inheriting the backup state on the new device or moving the license. When you move the license, Backblaze clears your backed-up files, and you start anew.

If you choose the former alternative, Backblaze will keep a record of the data you backed up on the previous system, to avoid duplicate files.

Other services with single device licenses work in the same way. With Carbonite, for example, initially, you require to uninstall the software application from the original PC and then install it on a brand-new one.


Here’s why we think it certifies as average:


  • Backblaze’s simple functions limit it as just a basic computer backup service.
  • Membership is limited to 1 computer system per account only. Probably our greatest concern!
  • If you are using a personal password and you forget it, the information in your subscription would be permanently locked without any possibility for retrieval.
  • No private sharing of backup files.
  • No full disk image backup
  • No File Explorer or Finder integration

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Last Thoughts


Cloud Backup Multiple Computers

Backblaze proves that backup services online do not need to be made complex or expensive, offering a competitively priced service that is easy to set up and handle.

Its back-up-everything method will attract newcomers, as will performance enhancements and more secure sign-in options.

Nevertheless, more advanced users might miss the robust alternatives offered by rivals, such as more user-friendly controls over the backup selection, personal file sharing, and support for multiple devices per license.

Backblaze has a a great deal of users and many fans, and it’s easy to see why – if you wish to back up all your data from one computer system and its external drives securely within a budget friendly budget, then it’s difficult to complete. There are no limitations on the amount of data you can send to the cloud and no limitations on file sizes.

Simply ensure you know exactly what Backblaze is before you part with any money: it’s not for syncing files between computers or for getting simple access to your records through a web browser.

It’s a comprehensive, set-it-and-forget-it backup solution for protecting your data should the worst happen, and at that job, it’s fantastic.

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