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While you could always store and share data and sync them between a number of computer systems and various devices, it wasn’t up until the release of Dropbox that file syncing and cloud storage services actually lifted off.

However, Dropbox isn’t the only player in the area. The Swiss-based pCloud has an impressive list of functions at a price point that makes it the best choice for sharing big files with family and friends or having them synchronized instantly across all your devices.

The most important feature of any cloud storage service is its file syncing, which pCloud does remarkably well, unlike a bare-bones service like many that are attempting to beat their method into the big boys’ territory.

But is it possible that a product that was only released in 2013 can take on mature platforms like Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, Box, and the rest of the field? Let’s take a closer look at what services it has to offer in this pCloud Review and find out!

Cloud Storage Tools



File Management


It makes no difference how many folders and files you choose to store in pCloud; all of your information will be within easy reach. No matter how you use your space in the cloud – by means of desktop, the web, or your phone – your files are truly easy to manage.



Readily available at the top of the pCloud web user interface and mobile applications is the search field.

All you have to do is key in the name of the folder or file you are looking for and you’ll find it in an instant!



Using their file format, you can filter your files. The search icons in the left-hand side menu (for Mobile and web) are the pCloud filters: Images, Documents, Audio, Video, and Archives. Clicking them opens a list of your filtered files.

Besides, the pCloud music player is one of a kind – few cloud storage service providers do this adequately well to make it worth your while. Your music files can be played from within the pCloud mobile phone app or web interface, thanks to the pCloud audio player.



Deleted files from your pCloud account will remain in your Trash folder for a set number of days, depending upon the plan associated with your account, as for free plans, this duration is 15 days. Premium Plus/Premium/Lifetime users get thirty days. Naturally, you can clear your Trash folder whenever you like.

File Sharing


Ease of use is essential, but even more essential is file sharing and syncing. Ultimately, that’s the entire raison d’ être of storage services like pCloud, OneDrive, and

Luckily, it’s likewise among pCloud’s strengths, making it among the best file sync software applications. Its ability to sync any file on your PC and its use of a virtual drive model are functions that put it in the lead ahead of the majority of the competitors.

Sharing files and folders is likewise easy to do and can be accessed in a variety of ways. You can enjoy several file-sharing options through the pCloud applications and the web interface! Whether you pool resources with pCloud users or not, your files can be sent to anybody you like.

Cloud Storage Tools

Invite to Folder


Cooperate with your team using Shared folders.

To share private folders with other pCloud users, use the option “Invite to folder.”

Manage the levels of access by setting “Edit” or “View” authorizations . As soon as the users have accepted your invitation, they are all set to begin working with you.

You can handle your existing shared files from pCloud for Mobile, pCloud Drive, or from the web. You can likewise limit access to any Shared folder or modify authorizations at any time.

Cloud Storage Tools


Download and Upload Links


pCloud permits you to easily share large files with friends and family, even if they’re not pCloud users.

Download links let you send data, and receivers get an instantaneous sneak peek from their web browser. These links are continuously updated, so they will always show the most recent version of the files you share. For additional security, you can protect your Download link with a password or set up an expiration date.

Additionally, you can quickly receive files from anybody straight to your pCloud account with Upload links. Your receivers can publish files without getting access to your account. Everything will be set in one place for your convenience.

Direct Links


The Public Folder is an unique folder in your pCloud’s file configuration which enables you to develop direct links to files and folders. You can use your pCloud as a hosting service to create static HTML websites, embed images, or simply share your files how you like. All the files you save in the Public Folder will be accessible in an index directory site.

To ensure your files’ security, pCloud utilizes SSL/TLS encryption, applied when data is transferred from your device to the pCloud servers. Data security is a leading concern at pCloud, and users have typically been pleased with their first-class precaution.

With pCloud, your files will be saved on no less than three server locations in a highly secure information storage location. Optionally, you can sign up for pCloud Crypto, among the best features indisputably, and have your crucial files secured and password protected.

pCloud supplies the so-called client-side file encryption, which, unlike server-side file encryption, suggests that no one other than you can have the keys for file decryption.

Cloud Storage Tools


File Versioning


pCloud keeps variations of your files for a set period, so do not worry if you require to find an earlier variation of your work. It is all accessible to you. Go into the edits you have actually made and easily monitor all your activities in the cloud. This feature put pCloud the top of the list of the best cloud storage for versioning.



Utilizing this feature, you can restore previous versions, if needed, and keep an eye on the modifications made to specific files.

You can open File Revisions by clicking the gear button and selecting the Revisions option. File versions are saved for fifteen days for the Free plan and thirty days for Premium Plus/Premium/Lifetime users.

pCloud Premium



pCloud Rewind aids you in going back in time and having a look at all of the old variations of your digital collection from 15 days (Free) to 30 days (Premium/Premium Plus/Lifetime) back in the past.

Search through your account at a particular time and date in the past and download or restore all of your non-encrypted files or material you accidentally removed.

You can select to pay an additional $39 to extend pCloud “Rewind” restorations for as much as a year.

Prolonged File History


With extended file history, you can monitor all file modifications in your account for about 360 days and quickly recover information within a year of edit or deletion.



If you are doubtful about the security of your images on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, pCloud provides an excellent service for you. With the click of a button, you can start backing up your valuable memories to pCloud, and you can stop and resume at any time you like.

What’s more, pCloud is establishing numerous plugins to reduce your work with other platforms.




Cloud Storage Tools


pCloud is reasonably priced and a good value for money. It offers totally free accounts with 10 GB storage.

pCloud’s Premium strategy of 500GB costs just $3.99 monthly and $7.99 each month gives you 2TB.

Conversely, Apple charges $9.99 for 2TB of cloud storage, as do Dropbox and Google. Microsoft includes 1TB of OneDrive storage with a $6.99-per-month Office 365 personal membership, and 6TB (1TB each for 6 users) with the $9.99-per-month Home membership. Degoo provides 10TB for $9.99 monthly.

pCloud Premium

pCloud offers two Life time plans: 2TB for $350 and 500GB for $175.That is effective forever (or as long as the business is operating).

pCloud Lifetime

pCloud Business includes access management and group organization and active monitoring. Prices for these company plans is discussed with the pCloud sales team.

pCloud Business

>> Check out pCloud’s pricing details <<



  • Great value
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Quick syncing
  • Bitcoin payments offered
  • Sync any folder
  • Never ever lose any file with pCloud Rewind
  • Top-Notch Security To Protect Sensitive Files
  • Hassle-free File Management On The Go
  • Store Your Files From Other Online Platforms With Ease
  • Smooth User-Friendly Mobile App
  • Work together On Your Files Easily With Others



  • Bonus Expense for PCloud Crypto & Extended File History
  • No add-on services
  • No client-side file encryption in the free plan
  • No devoted live chat/phone assistance

>> Check out pCloud’s plans and pricing details <<

pCloud Premium

Last Verdict


We would definitely advise pCloud since it has a tidy and organized application and supplies whatever a company or individual user needs with first-class security, with a pricing structure that is a good deal across the board.


With an easy to use interface available on all known digital platforms and as much as 2 TB of space and a possible lifetime subscription, you actually do get your money’s worth.


We encourage you to sign up for their free plan and test it out for yourselves.


>> Check out pCloud’s plans and pricing details <<

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