How Does Upviral Work Review

When we think about viral marketing, two stakeholders that instantly pop up in our heads are Instagram influencers and YouTubers.

While that is a type of viral marketing, that style of attention-grabbing can be iffy at best and hugely unprofitable at worst.

So, how can small companies strive to use their email list to produce viral marketing campaigns that generate loads of sales and turn your funnel into a profitable machine?

Perhaps through Upviral?

Upviral avows to be the supreme viral referral system that quickly binds into the power of your existing tools and funnel.

Since execution speaks louder than claims, let’s see if Upviral actually live up to their claims.

What Upviral Offers


How Does Upviral Work


·         Giveaways and Sweepstakes


Upviral lets you run giveaways and sweepstake competitions. The software application helps you to administer each part of a competition from getting an individual to opt-in to your email list, through to promoting your competition to their friends.

·         Email Software


They provide a typical amount of e-mail automation tools. Software functions consist of the ability to develop thank you and landing pages for your competition.

You can also set up e-mail drip campaigns and send timed e-mail triggers, based on a user’s action, embed social sharing buttons, and send out lots of emails triggers to help increase social media shares.

They also offer automated alert e-mails as a reminder for your customers to share the link so they can reach their next objective.

Typically, the e-mail automation they provide is the requirement for e-mail marketing software.

They do not provide numerous distinguishing characteristics. You can produce long-lasting campaigns with multiple steps, and triggers like you would do anywhere else.

·         Split Testing


How Does Upviral Work

The Pro Upviral plan has a bonus functionality that advanced marketers will find useful. This includes split-testing abilities so that you can split test your landing pages (for opt-in), thank-you pages (for sharability), and even emails (for click/open rates) to identify what is bringing in the best results, and so you can find any bottlenecks in your process that may hold you up or slow you down.

Once again, we find this to be no different than the basic email marketing tools. If your software application does not have a method to A/B test everything, you need to carry on to another tool.

Upviral also works to convert present email lists into leads.

Now here’s the thing that sets Upviral apart from the competitors. You can turn your list into ongoing lead sources by using your Upviral links inside your existing e-mails.

You can affix one-click sharing buttons inside your e-mail copy to help convert the customers you currently have into your business affiliates.

They proceed to say that this will assist you to produce a continuously-growing and self-sufficient source of leads from your existing resources. We consider this to be similar to an affiliate program where people can promote a business’s offer to other individuals in exchange for some reward or commission.

Upviral doesn’t call it that, however it’s basically the very same thing.

·         Referral System


How Does Upviral Work

Moving on, now let’s speak about their referral system. One can produce a points-based system that provides benefits for people who share by utilizing merely the referral link you receive from Upviral.

For instance, you can send out an e-mail blast compelling your customers to enter for a contest to win your eBook for free if they get a set number of people to subscribe.

You would then send out another email containing the referral link and guidelines on how to win.

You can personalize the contest by including the variety of points they need to have and how many they get for each step they take.

This is a creative way to get people to share your content because you’re providing {a reward that is easy to understand, tapping on their intrinsic motivations. This needs to be among the best functions that Upviral has to offer.

You can also manage what rewards you provide , their worth, and what kind of actions are needed on the subscriber’s behalf to get that reward.

·         Run Competitions for Social Shares


This process might be a bit intricate to understand, so let’s simplify a bit.


  • You can send out an e-mail prompting customers to enter your contest
  • To win a totally free copy of your bestselling eBook or whatever product you’re offering, they have to get at least 10 people to register through their link
  • You might add another section that says if they buy the eBook, they’ll receive a different reward

Now you’re providing the subscribers with choices, which increase the possibilities of them taking one or the other.

This, without doubt, is an efficient strategy of gamification marketing that works well, however it all depends on the quality of your product.

If your product isn’t alluring, you won’t make it because your customers would not share anything, for they don’t care about getting what you’re offering in exchange for their time.


What UpViral Lacks


  • Advanced Sales Funnels


While you can formulate a primary two-step funnel with a thank you page and landing page, you can’t do much else ahead of that.

If you wish to create upsells and downsells through the process, you’ll be not able to do that with Upviral.

The creative side of things is limited, and its part of their “keeping it basic” philosophy.

If you’re seeking to and sell to the customers who opt in to your referral link in the same funnel, you will not have the ability to do that with Upviral. You will need to follow up with emails to make your offer to your subscribers.



  • Product Sales


If youare in the eCommerce field, you likely utilize Shopify, Woocommerce, or like platforms to offer your products.

While you can use Upviral to expand your list and drive more traffic to your store, you can’t utilize it for any transactions. In other words, you can’t sell products with Upviral.

The primary issue we’ve observed with Upviral is that it restricts your usage to producing referral marketing campaigns, and you can’t do anything else beyond that.

For the exact same price that Upviral offers, lots of other e-mail marketing tools permit you to broaden beyond two-step campaigns into marketing techniques that are more advanced.


•        Site Development


Keeping everything in a single location is essential in streamlining your marketing campaigns.

While Upviral does integrate with CRMs and a great deal of other site developers, you can’t create a website or handle content through the platform.

This leads us to the conclusion that Upviral is an extremely bare-bones alternative for a specific niche who wishes to produce free gifts and contests.

If you’re attempting to magnify those basic ideas, you will find it hard to do that with Upviral.




How Does Upviral Work


Having actually examined the features, let’s discuss the most essential aspect that will most likely identify your take on this app – the pricing structure.

On the whole, Upviral is very focused on its core functionality of allowing you to run giveaways and contests and send a referral link with your e-mails.

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Upviral Starter Plan


$39.00/month (billed annually) and $49.00 billed monthly

With this plan, you can run unrestricted campaigns with a limit of 10,000 individuals.

It includes one brand, fraud detection, along with e-mail assistance.

Upviral Business Plan


$59.00/month (billed every year) or $79.00 billed monthly.

This one provides an extra 15,000 participants with unlimited campaigns.

It uses 3 brand names, no Upviral branding, GEO targeting, A/B testing, and API+ Zapier.

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Upviral Premium Plan


$149.00/ month (billed every year) or $199.00 billed monthly.

Lastly, this consists of ALL business functions, endless campaigns, 100,000 individuals, and ten brand names together with premium assistance.

Compared to other e-mail marketing tools like Aweber that charges $149.00 monthly for only 25,000 customers, Upviral has a budget-friendly price range.

They likewise provide a thirty-day money-back warranty, so that in the pretext that you’re not too pleased, you could always get your money back after trying it out.


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Is Upviral For You?


Do you believe this tool could be useful, provided the kind of business you run?

Ask yourself the following questions prior to making your choice:

  • Would recommendation marketing prove to be beneficial in your business?
  • Do you have a list of at least 200 people?
  • Does your budget plan allow for it?
  • Do you have sufficient desirable offers that would make people want to share your content?

If you responded to yes to the questions pointed out above, you might be able to make use of this tool.

Nevertheless, the most decisive element that will determine your success with Upviral is the quality of your services and offerings.

If you don’t have an attractive offer, it doesn’t matter how good your marketing is due to the fact that no one will want what you have.

To conclude, while we do believe that Upviral does an excellent job at what it’s developed to do, it needs to be part of a larger ecosystem of effective sales funnels, email marketing and following up with your leads.

Developing a recommendation program can help you to grow your list, however that’s only one small component of running a business.

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