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Why You Need An E-Commerce Platform For Digital Downloads


You’ve written an ebook, and you’re excited to share it with the world!

But collecting payment for your ebook isn’t as easy as you might think. Sure, it’s easy to send out your ebook – but harder to ensure you get paid before your ebook is sent!

You’ll need an approach to help with deals so you can offer digital products through your own website.

Also, you will need a structure that will allow a customer to pick your item, spend for it, and without delay deliver it to them with total hands-off automation.

Here’s where Payhip comes in – and we’re going to do a review to find out if Payhip can be the solution for you.

Payhip Review


Payhip Tutorial


Payhip is an eCommerce platform produced to assist you with advancing sell digital products.

Additionally, no, it does not merely support eBooks. You can publish and distribute a vast array of digital products, consisting of music, software, videos, pictures, and so on.

Among the principal things you’ll see on its main site is that Payhip celebrates being the easiest arrangement of selling digital downloads.

It seeks to give the full-pile of parts you need to establish and handle your business, setting up a professional online store, handling your customers, advertising, promoting, and selling them.

Likewise, If you’re contemplating, Payhip {likewise|also|similarly gives repeated selling through its membership program. Clients can buy in to get to various products on a periodic basis.

Payhip has an interface that gives you the tools to build your online shop, handle your files), and promote your store.

To date, more than 130,000 merchants worldwide have signed up with and are utilizing the Payhip to sell their digital products.

One of the areas that Payhip stands out is the interface which it is so natural to use.

Joining Payhip is quick and easy; provide your e-mail, first name, and some administrative choices. When you have actually completed the sign-up, you can quickly begin moving the digital items that you wish to offer.

Here the instinctive interface guides you through including substantial details to the digital item. Just include the price you require to offer it at and the extraordinary highlights of the products, including a spread image, title, and description.

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• Process of payment


Payhip Tutorial


For a digital ecommerce platform to operate in the present scene, it needs to achieve 2 primary things.

One is to make it exceptionally simple for the client to pay for the digital item and accept it right now.

The second is to pay into the seller’s account with speed and efficiency.

The checkout procedure is intended to be finished by the client in just a couple of steps.

There’s no confounding arrangement of  pages to check out or twofold selections in emails to get.

Your customer can similarly make the payment without issues on both desktop and mobile phone.

• Customized payments

Another extraordinary function that will engage clients is that the payment checkout page can be customised to fit your particular online shop’s branding.

It is particularly practical if you are diverting customers from your own independent website or social media page to the Payhip payment region.

The consistency you can make with such customization can help to increase sales.

• Take payments from around the globe

A substantial partof any payment platform is the capacity to take payments from anywhere on earth utilizing whatever odd payment currency or cash that your client wishes to utilize.

Once more, Payhip knows how to deliver. The platform integrates with PayPal in addition to Stripe, indicating that all significant credit cards are catered for.

You similarly do not have to stress over any convoluted personal privacy policy or info problems; none of your customer’s payment details is put away with PayPal, the obligation of these remains in PayPal’s and Stripe’s field.

• Different payment plans

Another zone where Payhip shines, (and is shown to grow sales) is the membership model that the tool provides your potential clients.

This offers a flexible payment structure that reinforces periodic payments for membership bundles. In any case, the expanded payment versatility urges clients to pull the trigger and buy.

• Design of site


Payhip Tutorial

The website has a modern-day professional look.

Every detail is stated clearly and specifically in the site, and the basic moderate format makes it easy to check out various products.

An ordinary item page contains only the cover and details, in addition to a purchase button. With such a template, you can have confidence that your customers will have the option to buy without any obstacles.

• File management

Speaking about digital items, we have actually just referenced that Payhip is phenomenal.

It underpins a wide variety of downloadable records, including software, photographs, books, media files, textual style files, web recordings, and so on.

You can blend them to shape a comprehensive ecommerce platform system that takes advantage of different product types.

A client may purchase a book and be upsold to an audiobook.

Payhip Pricing


Payhip offers three pricing plans, which are the Free plan, Plus plan, and the Pro plan.

The Free plan is completely free to register, and you will not be charged up until you start selling. You will get charged a 5% transaction fee on each sale.

The Plus plan costs $29/month and enables you to unlimited sale products and endless subscriptions. You get a 2% transaction fee on each sale.

The Pro plan costs $99/ month, and this is the same as the Plus plan with limitless download sales and subscriptions. However, you get no transaction fees for this plan. If you have large sales volumes and revenue, you should definitely consider this plan.

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Final Thoughts


If you have a digital product such as an ebook, graphics or software to sell, Payhip is a great solution to help you set up an online e-commerce store and checkout page.

You can start with the Free plan at first to see if you like it. Once you start growing and making some serious moolah, you can consider upgrading to the Plus and Pro plans to lower your percentage transaction costs and scale with a fixed monthly cost for Payhip.

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