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To accomplish the goals you have in life, it is extremely essential to manage your time.

In the contemporary world powered by innovation, it is quite difficult to focus on the work with the presence of social networks and numerous other apps.

Sometimes we are sidetracked by some other concerns and usually feel regret for the wastage of time. To motivate ourselves towards efficiency, time tracking is essential to have a look at where the time goes to as we sit down and work.

Thanks to the numerous time tracking software applications, we can finally find out where our time is going to, reduce unproductive activities and uplift productivity level. Let’s have a short take a look at RescueTime that is an incredible automatic time tracking software application.

Introduction to RescueTime

Time Tracking Software With Screenshots

RescueTime offers several quality tools in addition to online courses to help individuals to become more focused, productive, and inspired towards their work through efficient time management.

It is basically a computer system software developed  to keep an eye on a user’s activity. This software application can be utilized individually, and it is similarly beneficial to manage a whole team to monitor their computer system actions.

RescueTime was founded by Joe Hruska (from Alaska, US) in 2006. The business believes the motto of helping individuals do more of what matters to them. Having operating for more than a decade, it claims to have assisted over 2 million people enhance their time by logging more than 1.37 billion hours of screen time and blocking countless diversions.

RescueTime runs safely in the background on the computer and mobile phones and records total activity. Utilizing a dashboard, it then shows the information on the quantity of time spent on numerous sites and productivity rating. By pointing and figuring out where the time has actually used on the computer, it helps you to manage your time better and become more efficient.

RescueTime offers:

Automatic Time-Tracking Software


Time Tracking Software With Screenshots


This software application helps you in evaluating where your time goes as you set up to work. It blocks all the distractions that come your way and provides effective reports to enhance every aspect of your time.

The Efficiency Boosting Courses


RescueTime also provides online courses that help you to learn the secrets of the most productive individuals. It also prepares you to develop effective habits that add more hours of producitve work in your day.

Other Tools and Training for Teams


There are also other tools and training on efficient time management for teams and individuals to let them concentrate on their competitive advantage. That supplies the groups with energy and focus on helping them master their time.



Here are some distinct features related to the RescueTime that makes it a compelling among the other rivals.

Automatic Time Tracking


Time Tracking Software With Screenshots

RescueTime tracks the time you spend on sites, apps, and even any particular files instantly without timers or any manual entry.

It puts together an in-depth report on your everyday computer tasks and identifies the time spend and what’s obstructing your efficiency.

Detailed Usage Analysis


It is useful for an accurate evaluation of your working routines by showing time sinks. This leads to you to end up being more focused and efficient as you might set smarter goals for the future.

Offline Time Check


RescueTime does not only track the online tasks immediately however likewise triggers you to include one-click offline time when you’ve been away to have a complete picture of your day-to-day work.

Be Focused by Blocking Distracting Websites


Time Tracking Software With Screenshots


When you need to be more concentrated FocusTime assists to block distracting sites and apps that impedes efficient performance, you might start a manual FocusTime session to set day-to-day limitations on apps, websites, and to schedule productive task time directly on your calendar.

Real-Time Alerts


Set even smarter goals for how you want to invest your time by preparing a time slot for each activity. That means it is possible to take control of better working habits. It makes the decision easier whether to spend time on email, or more time writing, developing, or coding. Real-time feedback is provided to keep you on track.

Numerous Integrations


All your preferred apps can be easily integrated with RescueTime’s information and tools.

Utilizing RescueTime, you can track your productivity from your calendar; it could likewise instantly update your Slack status, and a lot more!

Mobile and desktop apps


Time Tracking Software With Screenshots


The RescueTime has desktop as well as mobile apps for Windows, Android and Apple phones, which make it much easier and more convenient to be used anywhere anytime.

For that reason, it might help you to determine your entire day’s efficiency.

RescueTime Pricing


The basic form of the software is free for use at no charge.

If you do want the Premium version, you can get a 2 week free trial to try out the software. It costs $9/month and $72/year (equivalent of $6/month) if you get the annual plan.

The Premium version gives you detailed reports, one-click offline tracking, the ability to block distracting websites and apps, goal setting and integrations with various applications.

RescueTime also has a special version for teams but you will need to contact RescueTime’s sales team for more details.

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Final Thoughts

RescueTime has actually helped people to find their distracting habits, alter them, and accomplish more in less time.

RescueTime is totally automated and runs in the background without any disruption.

There are some downsides associated with about how the data provided by the software isn’t appropriately classified. For RescueTime for Teams, employees may feel they are being spied on.

In general, it is the perfect tool for employers and individuals to utilize their own time better.

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