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What is VidIQ?

Let’s face it. Growing a channel is hard, being a YouTube creator is not as easy as some people make it seem. And it is particularly tough if you do not understand what you are doing wrong. Often, you find yourself seeing individuals ignoring your videos and barely getting subscribers. This would typically lead you to scratch your head thinking ‘What’s wrong?’

What VidIQ does is tell you what’s wrong. How? It reveals to you all the elements of your video, channel and competitors to reveal to you what’s wrong. From here, you can then change your marketing strategy based upon what you discover.

Due to the fact that it works this way, VidIQ can be thought about as a Youtube creators’ optimization tool. It helps you examine all the aspects of your channel (videos, descriptions, competitors, etc.) so that you can adjust your method when needed. It assists you to optimize your channel for more views, subscribes and conversions.

The very best part? VidIQ is totally free for the most part. This means that you can utilize it along with its VidIQ Chrome extension totally free. You’ll get to witness its power in evaluating your Youtube channel without spending anything. This is something video) creators ought to definitely get their hands on. Continue reading our VidIQ evaluation to understand more about how it can help you and what features it provides.

You can get started with VidIQ here.

Features of VidIQ


Top Analytics Tools For Your YouTube Channel


The first thing that will catch your eye when you sign up for VidIQ is its analytics. Although Youtube might have supplied you with the exact same kind of analytics, it is still not as organized as that of VidIQ.

First, you’ll have the ability to see the demographics of your viewers. You’ll see if they are male or female and what age they are. You’ll likewise see them broken down into percentages so that you’ll have a precise overview of your Youtube channel.

Then, you’ll see a chart which contains the following: Youtube views, Youtube search, recommended views, vidIQ tags, minutes watched, Youtube likes, Youtube comments and Youtube subscribers.

This chart will reveal the daily changes in number in all of these variables. This will assist you understand why your audiences do what they do.

Then, these are more broken down into boxes which you can arrange based on what you need to see. You can choose countries, videos, URLs, searches and videos. These boxes will even more sort your information for a clearer channel summary .

From here, the tool will offer you a summary together with top playlists and the best time to post (This is originated from your data).

Vidiq Youtube Downloader

Next, you’ll also see some analytics in the videos tab. This will reveal you all of your videos in addition to their matching characteristics such as the date posted, tags, vidIQ score, whether or not it is boosted, overall views, total likes and total comments.

This is a rather intriguing method to see the analytics of your videos. Plus, it is arranged too for you can see everything from one dashboard.



Influencer Discovery


A great analytics tool must get an analysis of your subscribers and VidIQ has this all down to a pat.

This information will notify you about who is watching, commenting and liking your content. And if you wish to know what your subscribers are viewing from other channels or which ones they subscribe too apart from yours, this function is all you need.

This Pro function will help you know who your super fans are and how to connect with them for lasting engagement.

Channel Management Services


VidIQ’s premium channel management services show channel audits, assistance and techniques to guarantee that your material strategy is fitting to your subscribers.


Workflow Automation


Besides fantastic content, long-tail keywords, keyword suggestions, tags, cards, and annotations will assist subscribers discover your material quickly and increase their watch time too.

These products require to be optimized for higher performance, however with tags, for example, having a 500 character limitation, you would have to have lots of persistence to manually do them for the numerous videos you may have on your channel.

VidIQ’s workflow automation function will conserve you all that money, time and sanity and automate these functions so you can return to doing what you do best; developing excellent material!


Study  The Competition


Vidiq Youtube Downloader

No matter what your video is about, it will be competing against numerous others on the same subject or similar ones.

Identifying and understanding your competition assists you form a better strategy for your own videos.

VidIQ lets you track your competitors, including the top influencers in your niche or industry. You’ll be able to see what is and isn’t working for your competition.

  • Get statistics of competitors’ videos. Bring up information such as greatest viewed, views by the hour, and subscriber growth.
  • Track competitors’ channels. Compare your channel with those of your rivals. Include any channel you want to see appropriate stats. Sort data by dates or views per hour.
  • Export leading keywords. Discover which keywords your rivals are utilizing.

SEO and Keyword Tools


SEO and keywords are essential to videos. Your titles and descriptions go a long way in making your videos rank better on both the Google and YouTube search engines -the world’s largest and second-largest online search engine!

  • YouTube Keyword Tool – search for keywords in any niche and discover the variety of views and subscribers along with competition. VidIQ issues a Keyword Score that gives you an idea of a keyword’s value.
  • Keyword Inspector – Offers you with even more keyword details such as related videos and interest over time.
  • Inline Keywords – Reveals the tags used by your rivals.
  • Keyword Translator – Translates your titles, descriptions, and tags into multiple languages to reach a global audience.
  • Keyword Templates – Create tag templates that you can easily place into any future videos.

Track Your Hyperlinks


Did you know that you can also use VidIQ to track click through rates? You can do that in the Description Campaigns Tab.

In here, you are allowed to develop your own campaign.

This is where you develop a link and append it to the description box of your video.

From here, the software will track the impressions and clickthrough rate through your links. This is excellent if you want to see the conversion rates or clickthrough rates of your videos.


Keep in mind, the tool also permits you to automatically add tags. It will offer you a few of the most popular tags in your niche so that you can include them immediately.

Why add tags? It assists in getting your videos found.




Another important tool that VidIQ has is the Trends alert.

Tracking trends so you can produce marketing videos that most people can relate to is important. With trend signals, you get email notification when specific subjects are trending.

You can select a topic/niche you can track and discover what keywords are performing well on the trending topics you chose.

The Most seen feature on VidIQ helps you track trends based upon filters you set that is most appropriate to your vertical.

VidIQ provides a series of features you can use to track essential metrics so you can enhance your videos and get the most out of them. Listed below are some examples. With VidIQ’s Scoreboard feature, you get instantaneous access to all your important metrics:

  • Overview of key information points: See views, views-per-hour, typical view time, along with the leading countries and devices from where your videos are viewed.


  • Video Optimization Checklist: see a green check or red cross for factors such as title, tags, description, thumbnail, social media shares, and more.



  • Channel analytics: Measure video performance in the context of your channel. Statistics consist of overall channel views and typical daily views and subscribes.


  • Historic information: Chart the performance of any video from the time it was published to the present.


  • Related videos: See related videos that are trending.


  • Best time of day: Determine the optimum times for submitting your videos.


  • Efficiency tools: Comment templates and bulk editing for cards and End Screens.



  • Learn more about subscribers: Learn which videos and channels your audience is seeing in addition to yours.


  • Real Time Stats Bar: The Real Time Stats Bar lets you see the most current numbers on views and subscribers. You’ll see a chart in addition to metrics broken down by the hour and day. You can track how a video is trending over at any time duration, right as much as today moment.


Community Management


Every YouTuber loves it when their subscribers are engaged enough to comment, but what occurs when all your fans choose to swamp you with countless comments?

Use VidIQ to moderate comments, community engagements and for video uploads also.


Facebook Syndication


With Facebook Syndication (just readily available with Boost and Enterprise strategies), you can quickly share any YouTube video on Facebook. All you have to do is link your Facebook page to your VidIQ account. You have the option of editing info such as title, description, and category for Facebook.

Thumbnail Generator

Vidiq Youtube Downloader

Producing a fascinating custom-made thumbnail is a crucial yet typically neglected element of YouTube SEO. The thumbnail is the first thing possible viewers see before they choose to click on your video or not.

YouTube creates a default thumbnail, which is basically a random shot taken from your video.

You can get more views by developing your own customized thumbnail. VidIQ lets you add or modify text, fonts, borders, and images to enhance your thumbnails for more views.


How to Utilize VidIQ to Grow Your Youtube Traffic


VidIQ is a good tool that collects information from Youtube about the latest videos, keywords and tags used by the most popular Youtube channel owners.

Because of this, you can utilize it by collecting information and then utilizing that data to adjust your marketing technique.

Here are recommendations on how to use VidIQ.

STEP 1: Gather Keywords with its Keyword Tool


The very best location to begin is in the keyword tool.

This tool will show you all the associated searches for a particular video.

In its VidIQ Chrome extension tool for example. It will show you the associated searches when you visit a particular video.

This will help you in not just for thinking about tags to put in your video however will likewise help you in your video titles, descriptions and backlinks.

STEP 2: Copy Rival Tags


One of the things that people love about VidIQ is its automatic tagging system. It permits you to quickly generate a stream of tags for a video with no trouble.

But if you want to copy existing rival tags instead, this is simple.

All you need to do is check out the video of your rival with your VidIQ Chrome extension set up. From here, you’ll have the ability to see the analytics of the video in addition to the specific tags utilized by your competitor. You can then utilize this for your own videos.

ACTION 3: Launch Campaigns in your Video Descriptions


When you have a set of keywords, it is time to introduce your campaign.

In the campaigns tab, you’ll have the ability to define a description for your videos and this can then consist of a link.

When you note this as a campaign, you can now track the impressions and click through rate of your descriptions. You can track and tweak your descriptions based on how well users respond to it.

ACTION 4: Batch-Optimize Your Videos


Then, use your keyword knowledge for SEO.

After all, online search engine continue to be the best source for video traffic for Youtube.

VidIQ has a batch optimize choice where you can simply optimize whatever for your target keyword. If you can uncover keywords with little to no competitors, that’s much better. That’s since it will enable you to rank instantly on the front page of the search engines.

STEP 5: Track Your Analytics and Adjust Your Strategy


VidIQ is known for its analytics. It will provide you a background on your subscribers.

Firstly, it will help you take a look at the behavior of your subscribers by taking a look at what videos they are enjoying or following.

It will also track when your subscribers are online. Then, it breaks down your subscribers based upon their group attributes.

This will let you understand the individual that you are speaking to in your videos.

How can this help you? This helps you in the words that you can utilize for your marketing method.

This way, your ads will speak straight to your target market.

STEP 6: Do Backwards Analysis on Your Videos


Now this strategy will only work if you have a couple of viral videos in the past.

If you would like to know what made them tick and why your existing videos are not as effective, it may be worth it to look back and see how it took off.

VidIQ offers some historical information on videos that can help you see what’s special about that particular video.

ACTION 7: Track Existing Engagements in Your Videos


VidIQ likewise looks at all the engagements in the whole day and then produces a report after a few days has actually passed. This offers you a summary of views and engagements your video gets.

REWARD: Update Your Membership to Increase and Take Advantage Of Trends


VidIQ also has a trends feature.

This allows you to see the trending videos and keywords.

Plus, it permits you to syndicate your videos to Youtube for some additional traffic.

Nevertheless, this is just offered in the Boost choice which sells for $49 monthly.

You can get started with VidIQ here.



The totally free variation is an excellent way to begin with VidIQ and offers features such as:

  • 1 user and channel: upload as lots of videos as you wish to a single channel.
  • Audience demographics: Discover your subscribers: their age, gender, location, and other data.
  • Track 3 competitors: tools to make you familiar with what others in your specific niche or industry are up to.
  • Standard video analytics (for Web Suite): newest views, minutes viewed , subscribers, and other vital statistics.
  • Video Scorecard for Chrome extension: VidIQ Score to instantly see how your videos are doing.
  • 1 trend alerts with restricted options. Trend alerts provide you with valuable insights on what topics to cover in your videos.

The Pro variation of VidIQ offers an extended version of the fundamental plans with 6 rival tracking, 1 trend alert, historical analysis (to learn how your videos are doing over time), discover your top tweets for your videos, top trending videos (find out which videos in your specific niche are trending).

The Pro variation starts at just $7.50 per month and can be good value for small to midsize companies.

The Boost plan is $39/month and it consists of all the Pro functions and more which is an excellent choice if you’re serious about YouTube.

You can get started with VidIQ here.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed our post on Vidiq Youtube Downloader – VidIQ Review

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